0191A: The Plan Moves Forward

So I finally picked up my new BPI Preferred Customer ATM cards today on my way home from work. I know it seems a little reckless to post even blurred images of my cards, but I guess I'm just feeling pretty happy about the whole thing. It has taken me a lot of work to get to this point and this wasn't even one of my goals. It just sort of happened along the way to where I want to be.

When I left home and got my first job, "The Plan" first came together. The original goal of the plan was to find a way to buy a house - actual property. The plan involved multiple steps including maintaining multiple savings accounts with BPI, getting a BPI credit card only to use it like a debit card and also diversify my financial portfolio through other investments. This wasn't going to make me any sort of multi-millionaire or anything - "The Plan" was all about making sure that I saved money while still allowing me to live a happy, fulfilling life. And these little cards feel like a little acknowledgement that we're doing pretty well.

But "The Plan" is far from over - I don't think Tobie and I are at a point in our lives when it's actually viable to get a house yet. Plus there's the bigger challenge of actually finding a house that we're willing to invest in for the long term. We have viewed quite a number of houses over the years but we've yet to see one that really, really got us all excited.

And no, we're not considering condos.

Admittedly there's a fine line between the value of home ownership versus the modern practicality of renting. I've heard friends argue either case, but I think I'm a little old school in my desire to own property. Plus from an LGBT perspective, it's one of the chances when Tobie and I might possibly have a legal document with both our names on it. It's a little thing, but believe me, it matters.

But at least this is sort of a happy little checkpoint in the game of life. Now I've saved my progress - time to keep on moving forward.