01917: Geeky Socializing

Tobie and I had recently discussed the need to adjust our weekend schedules to include more time to just rest, relax and be together. And I suppose that this particular weekend is a good example of the lengths we've been going for friends and indirectly why we also deserve a bit of a "break" of being out there and just focus on catching our breath or something. This isn't a complaint of any kind when it comes to friends that do ask for time - such is freely given. But then there's only so much time in a day - and worse, only so much energy in our individual biological systems. 

With age comes greater awareness of human frailty. It's rather inevitable.

But despite this weekend having been originally envisioned as a chance to relax with a few key friends, other factors like work and family got into the mix of things, somewhat complicating our schedules a bit. But our determination to be with our friends meant pushing ourselves to the limit and making the most of the free time given to us.

And the amount of geekiness in this weekend also sort of reinforced the fact that we also have some pretty geeky friends. The reunion dinner with a good friend included an epic run on Room 13 at Breakout. And today our lunch plans with another couple brought us all the way to the south to check out the new gaming cafe Puzzles. I guess gaming and geekery are really just so intrinsically tied to our lives, it's hard to fully get away.

But life is good and I know we have a lot to be thankful for. But for now, we really need to get some rest.