01324: A Random Post About Rain, Theater and Weight Loss

It's raining today. Not too hard at least, but it's still raining. It's sort of funny given the weather bureau already declared that summer had begun closer to the beginning of the month and yet we're still dealing with sudden downpours. But given how weather forecasting is a challenging science, to say the least, it has become par for the course for their estimates and predictions to be somewhat off more often than not. At least it will help cool things off a bit more - at least in theory.

The work week is almost over and I'm sure I join the rest of the ranks of the employed in praying for the weekends to come sooner rather than later. And it's not that work has been particularly bad or anything like that. It has just been very, well, work-ish. And working for any lengthy period of time always makes one think of the rest promised by the weekend. Things have been decent at work for the most part. But I definitely wouldn't mind for Saturday to come over sooner and perhaps stay longer than usual. A guy can dream, yes?

And this weekend does promise to be pretty fun.The main highlight is the fact that all three of us are going to catch the last show of the repeat run of In The Heights by Atlantis Productions. Tobie and I had watched this rather stellar performance last year and we're more than willing to go again since (1) it's that good a show and (2) we're eager to have Prince enjoy the show as well. The songs in this musical are particularly close to Tobie's heart in a manner similar to how Into the Woods is always close to mine. The joys of musical theater indeed.

Apart from that, Prince and I have a bit of a date scheduled for Saturday morning where we'll pick up some new zip poi for him and check out Cash & Carry in Makati in the hopes of finding other items and supplies that he might need. Plus it's a good way for us to spend time together considering how the rest of the week goes. After that we'll see if we can drag Tobie out for a movie - Prince wants to watch Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang and I'm leaning towards making the time to watch either The Muppets or The Hunger Games. Decisions, decisions.

The main challenge of Saturdays is the fact that Tobie still has to catch up with work and I will more than likely lack sleep. And given our personal commitment to join Prince at O Bar come Saturday night to support his performances and hang out with good friends, it does sort of define the shape of our weekends at times.

And also because of how everyone's work schedules seem to pan out, I find myself home alone at the Sietch most afternoons these days. As much as getting my blogging done feels productive, I know there are more things that I ought to be getting done at the same time.

One big ticket item involves my creative writing efforts, especially given the long term hope that I'll eventually make money off of my writing. I have an initial story concept in mind but I just need to get over that initial hump of fear and just start writing. From there it'll be the other challenges of developing a reasonable enough plot, balance out the characters and then it's down t the biggest challenge of any writer - actually finishing what you start. And this is definitely an aspect to the book-writing process that I have some difficulty with.

And the other would involve my weight since the alone time may make for good exercise time once I settle on a routine. My sister has been strongly recommending RevAbs for me in particular and once my download completes, I'll see if it's something that I can actually handle decently. At the very least, it should prove to be an interesting experiment to help me kill time here at the Sietch.

I have to admit that I feel a bit embarrassed for either Tobie or Prince to possibly watch me exercise should they find themselves at home. It's a very irrational feeling, I know, but it's hard to shake off. I guess it ties to feeling like my exercising is like really, really acknowledging my weight issues and thus the awkward feeling of calling attention to it as I work out. I've always had this issue even since my grade school days when my grandma used to make me perform certain exercises daily given my lack of physical activity. But just because it has been there so long doesn't mean it can't be overcome. Nothing is impossible when you really set your mind to it and do your best to push forward.

Although the love and unconditional support of your boyfriends helps a lot, too.