0131F: And Again, Puerto Galera

So we're at Puerto Galera again. And it feels GREAT.

I took leave last night so that I could join Tobie and Prince at O Bar first for Prince's usual Friday night gig and then we could head directly to Batangas Pier to get an early start to the day. And despite our preparations the Pier was pretty crazy - signs of things to come when we return to Puerto Galera come Holy Week.

It's been pretty chill so far. We had brought adobo with us to save on lunch (and besides, Prince's adobo is pretty awesome) and then had a much needed afternoon nap to catch up on sleep. Now we're all up and about and thankfully Tobie is largely done with his work for the day so we're pretty much free to enjoy the rest of the night.

We just indulged with an awesome seafood dinner consisting of grilled tilapia, boneless bangus, fresh squid (versus the dried) and some grilled eggplant on the side. It made for a very hearty meal washed down with some San Mig Light and certainly shows promise for the rest of the night.

Well, this little breather is over - need to get ready for Prince's fire poi set at Hiyas Bar and of course a full night of drinking with friends, including some newer ones that we had med during our last Puerto trip.

Oh, and the three of us will finally cross that two-month barrier next week. Isn't it crazy that it has only been two months? CRAZY!

And not a moment wasted. No regrets - just LOVE.