0132C: Holding Out For One More Day

More rain today. What a way to start the summer season indeed. I just hope that this is only going to last this weekend. But next week I expect better weather for when we head over to Puerto Galera for Holy Week. *fingers and toes crossed*

Work, work, WORK!
Work was sort of better. Well, it felt better since I got through most of one of my major tasks due during the Holy Week, mainly be funneling my statistical frustrations into my work. And adding in the bonus energy boost from a bag of chips and some cheap 7/11 ice cream - the secret sauce behind my high productivity days, right up there with caffeine-booster energy drinks and other evil things. I'll have to pay for this eventually, but for now it was worth it since I can rest a bit easier prior to the Holy Week. I just need to double-check my inventory of attachments, follow-up on a few more items that I had to farm out to other departments and then I should be good.

And that leaves me with one more task due the week after and an on-going one with no clear deadline but is starting to feel like it's been going on a bit too long. But we'll deal with that when we get to that particular, um, bridge? 

And now it's sunny again. What is up with this crazy weather?

Weekend, here we come!
It's the weekend by tomorrow! And man we all have such busy dance cards - with some events separating us from one another again. Prince has a lot of things to do back at his old apartment as he ups his bedspacing operations and hopefully turns that into more of a money-making operation on the side. Tobie and I have a game mapped out with the old crew and hopefully Prince will have time to watch a bit of that. And we might try to catch a screening of Corazon, but that really depends on how every pans out. 

And of course O Bar, O Bar and O Bar. We can never get enough of O Bar now can we?

I still haven't worked out today and I should probably try to do that. But man, feeling rather lazy. I could try to do it later, but...argh. Complications either way.