01314: While Waiting

As I look at the Sietch now, I can actually see some of the changes that we have planned. We still have a lot of cleaning up to do - the nitty gritty of sorting, organizing and of course tougher decision of throwing things away. We've already thrown away quite a lot of stuff, although Tobie was the one who made more of the grueling decisions. It's going to be my turn to step up to the plate over the course of this weekend and of course over the weekend while Tobie will be in Hong Kong.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this on the blog. Tobie will be out of town this weekend for a company outing and so it'll be just me and Prince here at the Sietch. It'll also mean me going to O Bar without Tobie, which is actually something that I've never really done so far. Then again, I've never really gone to bars without a significant other much except for that time when I was in Los Angeles for work and yet still determined to explore the West Hollywood night life.

But it's not like I'm going to be alone mind you - I'll still be with Prince after all. And to remind everyone, he is just as much my boyfriend as Tobie is and that relationship is true across all three of us. So I suppose I could look at this weekend for the change for more bonding and quality with Prince, especially considering how I tend to be busy during the bulk of the week since our schedules just totally don't match up. 

I will need to factor in dealing with the waiters at the bar though. Tobie does tend to spoil me in that regard by letting me focus on taking photos instead of thinking about ordering drinks and such. It's not a big thing by any means - I have dealt with waiters at bars before. It's just funny how I realize that it really is something that I've rarely done ever since Tobie and I started going out. Crazy life.

We're waiting for the new furniture to get delivered to the Sietch today. Tobie may still have to run off to work once the delivery arrives though. If we're lucky, it'll arrive soon while I'm still awake and I can assist. Otherwise, Tobie may need to wait a bit more even after I head off to bed and then risk going to the office later than hoped. And it's not a hard requirement for him to be at the office - he is a still contractual worker in terms of his time, which is both a boon and a bane of sorts depending on the circumstances.

It is a pain that SM has a separate group that handles delivery versus assembly of their furniture pieces, which is rather disappointing. In the past, places like Abenson's and Blims have delivery men who can handle both aspects of the process, thus cutting down time. Here we had to schedule separate visits from both groups and now it means losing two days of our lives waiting for both crews to arrive. Ah well, the price of getting the things we want. At least once they're here, I'm sure the eventual joy of improving the overall look of the Sietch should help things along. Rearranging stuff can be fun, after all. It's like a more practical application of ones skills at games like Tetris or something, hehe.

Gods, I randomly feel the urge to look for a "brick game" unit. While a blatant Tetris ripoff, you have to admit those little hand helds were a lot of fun.

Oh, and work wasn't so bad earlier, which is a good thing. Another deadline has come and hone and yet I remain alive and with my sanity intact. So that has to count for something good, right?