0131E: And Tomorrow We Return to the Beach!

I'm am so excited for tomorrow's Puerto Galera trip!

Yes, we were just there two weeks ago. Yes, again we're only going to be there overnight. But regardless, I know that Tobie, Prince and I are going to have a great time since we'll be together and away from the stress of city life, even for just a day. If there was only a way for me to wish away Tobie's Saturday work obligations, then I definitely would! But alas, my powers of affecting the flow of reality can only go so far.

But I'll certainly keep trying though.

Admittedly, all this recent travel activity plus just how many memorable experiences we seem to share week after week (or even day after day) had me finally digging into Facebook's new Timeline profile to see how I might make best use of it. Previously I finally started to enable location tagging especially for photos and status updates while traveling. And now I decided to curate my Timeline by adding markers for key events like the annual White Parties and Pride Marches, the first time I met Tobie and Prince and of course the day that the three of us finally agreed to get into a new unique relationship.

Ah memories. Aren't they grand? So beyond just me taking loads of pictures and videos, I'll also take the time to create an online scrapbook of our activities on Facebook. Plus there are my plans of making an actual physical scrapbook using a lovely leather bound tome that my sister gave to me as a gift some years ago. I thought that I was going to use it for writing, but then it just felt like such a crime to do so. Now I've finally realized it's true purpose - to document our amazing life together.

It's kind of funny how my work life is pretty much dedicated to writing proposals for prospective clients, helping with marketing copy for our client collateral and all that fun stuff that actually gets kind of boring and droll.

And yet it feels a lot more fun to do the same work, but in relation to Prince's budding travel business and even his passion for poi. In this past week I've created a memorandum of agreement (admittedly, the format was a tad too formal), a letter that he can use for business development purposes and just now a sort of info-dump promotions poster to send to prospect clients to generate interest in booking them for poi gigs. And I know I tend to lay out images like an OCD-driven savant, but at least it looks generally pretty and it helps Prince and his poi partner Bench build their brand and spread them names around.

Good grief, I mentioned building your brand on my personal blog. Have the lines blurred so much?

The long and short of it is that of course it's a lot more fun since I now have a personal stake in things. I never really saw myself as wanting to strike out on my own, but this experience does have me thinking about the prospects for doing so in the future. After all, it means being your own boss and making sure you're involved in something that you can fully commit to passionately. And that deserves a lot of thought in terms of plans for the future.

But in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the fact that I'm on leave tonight so that I can join Tobie and Prince at O Bar before he dash off to Puerto Galera tomorrow.