01317: Healthier Sietch Living

Prince is working on losing a little more weight (or at least shifting around some mass) in time for the summer season and it looks like Tobie and I are sort of along for the ride. Tobie has been lamenting his tummy for some time now and as you already know I started to make some significant dietary changes since late last year. So it makes sense for all three of us to work together for this particular goal given the overall health benefits and perhaps the side perk of looking a little hotter.

And yes, I know many of you wonder what weight Prince might possibly want to lose given how fit he already is (especially in comparison to me and Tobie), but you know how it is.

Healthy yet still delicious
Based on his own experience, he's advocating a change to our dinner meal to be lighter and more focused on things that are said to help break down your tummy fat. In this case, last night's dinner consisted of steamed broccoli and cauliflower, some fresh lettuce, sliced pineapples and strawberries and some tuna. The Waldorf salad included in this meal was from a batch we needed to finish and we had the option for some blue cheese dressing or some home-style thousand island dressing (think banana ketchup and mayonnaise). It was actually a rather yummy and quite filling meal and I can totally see how it can work as a lighter meal before bed.

Of course my challenge here is that I live on a reverse schedule compared to Prince and Tobie. So this was essentially my breakfast, but that's not too bad. I do need to make all my meals healthier given that I have the most weight to lose, so no biggie. I stuck to a smaller portion of rice for my lunch at work together with some pinakbet, the theme being more and more veggies. Snacks included some crackers and some apples I had brought with me to work as I continue to increase my fruit and vegetable intake.

These are the best distractions IN THE MULTIVERSE
Beyond the changes in diet though, what I also need to do is get some decent amount of exercise. The building's gym is under renovation (supposedly) and thus the equipment is now housed in some rudimentary temporary location at the roof deck. All I and can truly say is that the room is, well, functional. But not very motivating as a workout venue. In this regard, it seems more worthwhile to just workout at the Sietch, provided I can cope with the distractions that are always present.

I'm not complaining - just staying a fact. And a very happy one at that.

Today we're waiting for the assembly team to arrive to put together our new bedroom set. I'm really excited for how everything will turn out - especially given our meager clothes rack has finally collapsed just a day before the assembly team is scheduled to arrive. Funny how things work out in this manner.

But that's just how our life is - seemingly charmed, yet in a very baduy kind of way.

 And also for the record, we are indeed going back to Puerto Galera on the 17th. And we'll be there again for Holy Week. Whee!

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