01319: Getting Through a Tobie-less Weekend

The past 24 hours have been rather crazy - and I know tequila plays a rather large part in all this. Oh where to begin?

Last night I joined Prince for his regular Saturday poi gig at O Bar Ortigas. Normally we'd have Tobie with us, but sadly he's out of the country for a family / work trip. So we had to make the most of the weekend without him.

I also realized last night that ever since Tobie and I got together, I've never really had to worry about ordering drinks and stuff while at the bar. He tends to spoil both me and Prince that way and it's something that one definitely gets used to. Not complaining or anything like that - it was just funny to realize that as I ordered my one and only zombie from the waiter who shares my name.

And the reason we only had one drink was because of Rupert and his darned bottles (plural!) of tequila. Oh Jose Cuervo, why are you such a bastard? Both Prince and I got home pretty happy, rather drunk and just barely maintaining control over our stomachs. Oh fun.

But overall it was still a great night even though we were both missing Tobie terribly. Plus you know how alcohol tends to make it a lot easier to, well, stay in touch with your feelings. So there.

Today we woke up pretty late and rather hungover, but still happy overall. But we definitely had a slow start to the morning.

We first dragged ourselves out of the Sietch to bring Poy-Poy to the groomers over at Pet Express only to nearly miss out on the chance to get him bathed and prettied up. Technically they had already called for the cutoff given the many dogs ahead of us but we negotiated them down to take Poy-Poy in for a bath and blow-dry session and getting his nails done. With that accomplished, it was off to Gateway.

First item on the agenda was having some Burger King time - something that we had talked about earlier in the week when I had gone on a Burger King run alone after a particular stressful work day. Sadly, they were out of onion rings - one of the key items that Prince loves the most. But we still made the most of things.

Then we had to kill time before our movie was scheduled to start - a rather generous amount of time in fact. It was actually harder for us to figure out what to do since Gateway isn't exactly a place where we'd enjoy shopping. We did go around a LOT and were contemplating heading over to Farmers for more realistic window shopping, but one thing lead to another and it was finally time to watch the movie.

And the movie? Unofficially Yours, since Prince likes sappy romance flicks.

And I have to admit the movie was actually not as bad as I feared it would be. I mean it's still not a GREAT movie that's going to win international awards or anything like that, but it was pretty decent when compared to other romantic comedies. It felt like it had a lot of the tropes of international rom-coms and thus could compete in that arena - tripe, cheese and campiness all part of it. And of course there were quite a number of lines of dialog that seemed rather familiar for both me and Prince and so we found that we could relate to some extent to the subject matter. Err...

And now we've just finished a lovely dinner of fried tilapia, ensaladang talong and homemade kani salad. Pretty delicious indeed and it'll surely be enough to carry us through the night given we'll be hitting O Bar Ortigas again for Prince's last gig for the weekend.

And hopefully the tequila won't be as free-flowing this time around, hehe.

We're both excited for Tobie to come home tomorrow! Then our Sietch Family will be TRULY complete again. Huzzah!