0132A: Starting a New Fitness Routine

I am at least 190 pounds these days.

At 190 pounds, I've already lost about 10 pounds since the start of the year (or at least when we bought the scale last January). That's been mainly through changes in diet that started in December and of course modest changes in lifestyle ever since Prince became part of this family as an equal partner. I may not look it, but I do some sort of dancing when at O Bar among other things, so I'm not a total sloth or anything like that.

My sister had been goading me to try out one of her workout videos with her so we could lose weight together (albeit separated by the waters between the Philippines and Singapore). My sister has always been my number one support in my life - we've gone through a lot of life experiences together and I know that she'll always have my back. And in this case, we're trying to motivate one another to get on this particular horse since weight is an issue that has plagued practically all members of our immediate family.

And Prince has been a positive influence as well. Naturally he's a lot more fit than me and Tobie given the physical demands of his poi performances from Thursdays to Sundays at O Bar Ortigas. Seriously - he has approxmiately 5% body fat based on the readings of our scale whereas I'm trending at 30% - I carry around about 57 pounds of fat! Crazy! And thus with the harmony of the Sietch restored to order, it's time to finally get around addressing this particular life goal.

So I've just started the RevAbs program - it's designed as a 90-day regimen to get yourself into shape involving workouts six days a week. Now I'm not sure if I can safely manage the 6-days a week schedule given how busy our weekends get plus the Holy Week Puerto Galera trip just around the corner. But I'll certianly try my best to do so. Today's Day One was rather killer though given (1) it involved strength training married to interval training and (2) I haven't worked out in practically a year I think. And my last workout routine only involved The Bean, which was a low more low-impact compared to this workout routine.

And this is just Phase 1! It's designed to help me build up my strength and get me to a decent level of fitness, or so it claims. I know it's going to take me time to get anywhere near decent given my weight and my lack of physical activity. And given how tired I got, how I failed to finish the third reps for both the strength training and the mercy abs bits and the minor asthma attack I had mid-workout, I have a looong way to go for sure.

But I won't let that discourage me. This isn't about looking hot or trying to attract more attention at the bar or at the beach after all. I just need to be healthier and make sure I live longer since I have two amazing partners that I need to love, support and care for. And I want to be able to do that for the rest of our lives together as a family. And that's the best motivation any guy could ask for.