01329: The Craziness of Love

And you can't get crazier than Galvatron!
It's funny how you can feel practically insane one moment and then right as rain the next. But emotions are like that - they drive you into illogical directions. And as much as do pretty well in terms of remaining cool, calm and collected during most crises whether at work or at home, there are some things that break past all my defenses and strike me right to the core. And I know this seeming vulnerability may appear like a bad thing, but it's really just a human thing. We all have our weaknesses and those triggers that work better against us more than anything else.

Love always means risk. The people you love also have the ability to hurt you more than anyone else. This does not make them evil or any more powerful than any other person. It's just because you've let them past your walls and into your heart where you can feel them best whether good or bad. But those who have experienced true love know that the risks are always worth any sacrifice. Because the rewards of love far outweigh any hurt or pain that may be caused whether intentionally or even accidentally. And we should never lose sight of that.

Big friends in small packages
And in these moments when I stop being the responsible, logical person that so many people have come to respect and rely on during their own moments crisis, I am grateful for the people who help boost my spirits. And as much as people belittle the value of online contacts and such "virtual relationships", I feel that the contacts that you maintain well (and that's the operative word here) even over the internet are no less real than the people you grew up with as friends in school or what have you.

At times I feel I'm a lousy friend, especially since I hold everyone to such high standards. When I don't hear from a person whether over email, chat or even just a Facebook comment for an extended period of time, I begin to wonder what gives. I put a lot of effort into keeping up to date with what I consider to be my "active" social media contacts, and I tend to expect similar treatment in turn. And I admit that when I don't get that, I turn snobbish and start to feel the need to shut them off.

In hindsight, this all probably has to do with my own fears. That as much as I carry myself as a confident, intelligent individual in the work place or among friends, there will always be a part of me that is afraid that friends will get tired of me and leave me behind and not care. I'm sure in our darker moments we all have similar thoughts once or twice, here or there. And that fear rears its ugly head at times at weird moments. And when taken to an extreme - such as the prospects of losing out on the most important love in your life, well, you fill in the blanks.

The ASA Family begins a new adventure!

I love Tobie and Prince and I and grateful for the friends who value what the three of us have and continue to support us, even if "just" through the communication channels of the internet. We will continue to remain true to our commitments to one another, true to the promises we've made and of course true to one and another and ourselves as well. A life of love is best fulfilled as a life of honesty and trust. And I know how hard it is to be fully open to another person, even to someone you love. But when you do cross that threshold, the feeling is amazingly liberating.

The truth truly does set you free.


  1. All I can say is: Yep, that Galvatron is craaaazy. :D

    More power to you, Tobie, and Prince! ^__^


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