0130F: And Suddenly, Travel Plans

Hot Air Balloon, um, ICE CREAM!
Tobie and I started this year with only one travel destination in mind - heading over to Singapore to catch Wicked. And we were successful in this plan last January, and for the most part we were content with that. But naturally a LOT of things have changed since then - and the biggest change is the amazing joy that is the addition of Prince to our happy little Sietch family.

One of the bigger changes involves our travel prospects for the year. Given Prince's enthusiasm for travel and his involvement in the local travel industry, it's become a heck of a lot more feasible to map out trips given the inside track he tends to have for deals on local accommodations and his knowledge of tourist events and such. Plus his enthusiasm for travel is rather infectious and Tobie and I certainly enjoy experiencing different parts of the country with him. Last month we had our first out of town trip together to catch the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. And this weekend we'll be heading over to Puerto Galera together.

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Previously I had mentioned that we had started to map out actually going to Puerto Galera for Holy Week - something that is a tradition for a LOT of people and naturally a high volume period for the island. I've never braved the crowds for that particular period, but given Prince will be there anyway as part of his work duties, it only makes sense for me and Tobie to be there too. 4 days without direct contact with Prince is of course something we could possibly handle, but not if we have a choice. And thus we're going!

And then this morning at the office I stumbled across a news article announcing AirAsia's new domestic routes for Davao and Kalibo, which is a direct route to Boracay, along with the related promo rates for these new destinations for the airline. Admittedly Tobie and I had discussed planning a trip later in the year as a bit of a surprise for Prince, yet ironically Prince was the first person I told about the AirAsia sale. After a number of test bookings and experiments with different options, we have officially booked our first flight together for later this year in September. It'll be 4 days and 3 nights in Boracay with my boyfriends. Awesome sauce.

And that brings us to a weird and merely borderline related topic - my hair.

Rocky (age 18)
For most of my younger life, my one and only haircut had been the crew cut with the only modifications being the added factors of "white side wall" during my CAT / ROTC days. It was a nicely clean, simple and highly efficient hair cut that served me well, did not need much styling and pretty much operated on its own. However after I moved out, my partner at the time convinced me to grow my hair out and that became my standard haircut until today. Quite literally, I've been telling the barber to just "trim" my hair over and over for the past 8+ years.

Tobie had been trying to convince me to cut it short again in recent years and now Prince has joined the calls after stumbling across one of my college-era ID photos amongst our things. And given the increasing heat, I have to admit the idea is rather tempting even if I can't explain why. I have been keeping the same haircut for some time now - so maybe it's time for a change? Or is this just some silly idea that my boyfriends have cooked up and I'll be mistaken in undertaking this particular venture?

I'm going to over think this, I so. So any comments or feedback from the few of you who actually read this blog will be highly appreciated.

Otherwise, I'm ridiculously happy. Unbelievably and yet undeniably so.

I love you Tobie and Prince. I thought my life was already completely. But now we've taken things to a completely new level of happiness that defies description. And I can't wait to see what else this charmed life as in store for the three of us!
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  1. Oh Rocky the crew cut looks good on you !!! Since you have been making so many changes, and trying out new things, all i can say is GO FOR IT !!!!!!!! Have fun ! Live life to the fullest !!!! Enjoy all the love you have around you :)

    1. Thank you for the amazing support, Myna! Maybe 2012 will really be a good year for changes, hehe

    2. You're welcome as always !!! Am sure it will be :) *big big smile*


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