01310: A Wheelie Happy Day

Photo by Tobie Abad
Let's get this out of the way, shall we? YES, I cut my hair and YES, I got a crew cut after more than 8 years of keeping my hair at a more significant length. It's an oddly liberating feeling and definitely appropriate for the summer weather.

Plus both my boyfriends seem to love it, so that HAS to be a good thing, right? RIGHT?

The past 24 hours, again, have been amazing. Especially since today marks the "official" Wheelie Day. This goes beyond just celebrating the 2nd of every month as a reminder of that initial promise between me and Tobie (which was made even before we actually got together), but this marks the actual day back in 2009 when I first gave Tobie Wheelie as a sign of my love. And now with Prince, Wheelie Day is bigger and even better than before as the three of us celebrate a life of honest and absolute love.

Yesterday we had already begun the celebrations with a North Park lunch followed by a Prince-prepared dinner (as seen in the photo to the right) consisting of Filipino-style spaghetti, Jollibee Chickenjoy, pizza bread and some chilli cheese sticks. It's funny how all three of us have a passion for cooking meals for our loved ones and so it has become more and more important for us to map out our meals a bit more so we know who is going to cook what and when in order to avoid buying too many grocery goods or bad timing in terms of meal coordination. Quite frankly, it's a fun "problem" to have.

Apart from my haircut, today also marked the arrival of our latest order from Home of Poi as part of an effort to (1) help Prince get the equipment he needs for his performance art and (2) make a little money on the side through bulk orders. They ship goods through DHL and it's pretty amazing how fast things are processed plus how efficiently their tracking system works. This is the second time we've ordered from them and both times the deliveries have gone through without a hitch. So good job, Home of Poi! We're definitely pretty happy customers at this point - plus the 15% discount on orders (via promo code "GeekyGuide88") really helps us, too!

And this brings us back to the haircut.

So I ventured out this morning (alone since Tobie was dead asleep despite Prince and my best efforts to wake him) to get my banking errands done and to finally get that haircut I had been weighing. What had started as a bit of a tease from Tobie and Prince turned into a decision to make a change in terms of my hair, something that I haven't done in over 8 years. One could possibly consider connecting this change in hair with my mood or perhaps with the life events that have been associated with the time of my last hairstyle change, but that might be going a bit too far, hehe.

This was originally meant as a surprise to Prince given he was supposed to be at work today. But one thing led to another and he ended up working from home, so ironically it became a surprise for the still-sleeping Tobie.

I've forgotten how, well, light this kind of a haircut can be. To some extent I miss the feel of my hair having more movement when I turn my head and such, but it certainly eliminates the hassle of needing to comb it all the time or be concerned how the wind has blown my hair out of whack after a walk outside or a jeep ride. And it certainly feels a lot more, um, fresh, especially with this year's summer season officially begin (if we're to believe our state-the-obvious weather bureau).

So now I just need to get through my last work shift for the week and then it's off to another amazing weekend with my boyfriends. And I already know it's going to be amazing - because every single day with both of my boyfriends tends to be this way, especially once we all let go of our fears more.

Oh yeah Puerto Galera - I'm totally ready for you now. =)