01320: Horoscopes Are Funny

Well, we're safely back at home at the Sietch and going through the usual routine of getting back into the groove of things, restoring the house to a state of being fully-functional and of course unpacking all of our gear.

This trip to Puerto Galera has been quite a meaningful one without being overly wild. We definitely had a few (or more than a few) key moments and revelations as are essential to any relationship, especially one as complex as ours. But all in all, it was a great trip.

But I'd rather spend time editing photos than just writing about things just now, so instead I'll re-post the interesting horoscopes that I received via Astrocenter over the weekend that seemed relatively accurate in terms of what actually happened. Oh horoscopes, you are great for campy fun.

Intuitive insights could be coming from deep within you concerning a lot of different matters, some intellectual, some practical, some personal. Understanding of others, particularly your love partner, is greatly enhanced by this process. The astral configuration implies that as a result, you'll be getting along even better than usual with everyone around you - and your beloved. Make the most of this and invite your partner out to dinner. Have fun!

This is a good day to set some long-term goals, rOckY. Setting short-term goals, however, might not be worthwhile. The energy of the day is so slow it is unlikely that you will accomplish much of anything. If you can finish one major task, consider yourself ahead of everybody else. Everything and everybody is slowed to a snail's pace. Don't worry too much about this, a higher energy will return with a vengeance tomorrow. 

A sudden rush of financial acumen could hit you today, and you might discover several ways to increase your income outside of work. A love partner could bring an intriguing opportunity to your attention. Discuss it together. Check out all the facts. The position of the planets indicates that today you should consider your options, but not make any final decisions. Wait a few days before you and your beloved decide to change your lives. 
Do not be surprised if you're overly emotional today, rOckY. You'll likely find that you are moved easily and are quick to cry. You could be missing a loved one or thinking about how nice it would be to visit your childhood home and reconnect with your roots. Why not focus instead on building your own rituals and traditions with your family and friends right where you are? 

So if you read between the lines and draw some decently logical conclusions, that was essentially the weekend.