01313: Sietch Upgrades 3.0

There's an old Monty Python sketch that begins with a newly married couple running across the hills and fields only to end up at department store to give the oddly memorable line, "We'd like to buy a mattress." Oddly enough, that's all that I could think of today as we were waiting for the clerks at SM to figure out how to break down our transaction across our two credit cards without disrupting the single delivery for both items. Department stores can be silly that way.

A Transforming bookshelf?
For quite a while now, Tobie and I have been thinking about buying new furniture for the Sietch. While we've been generally good at buying new bookshelves over the years in order to keep up with my ever increasing Transformers and book collections, all the other rooms haven't received quite the same amount of love. Oh yes, one can never have too many bookshelves when you live with a major book geek like me, hehe.

So today we were planning to step out primarily to buy an adapter for our new cable connection since our Sharp TV only takes PAL connectors for some reason. The subscription is something that Prince has added to our Sietch life in order to ensure he can watch his, um, news programs during the week. It's a nice addition to the Sietch considering we cut the cable cord years ago but still sometimes miss the benefits of having access to non-downloaded TV content. This is especially true for big ticket events like awards shows and beauty pageants, if you get my drift.

And that little event of having the cable installer here triggered a random spring cleaning rush for me and Tobie and we ended up clearing a LOT of stuff from the Sietch that we probably should have thrown away some time ago. I mean come on, I had even forgotten that I had a DIRECTV gym bag from my training days. Crazy.

Not all beds are created equal
And as we were stepping out, I quipped that maybe we'd finally buy a new mattress today, since we have been meaning to get an actual bed for some time now as well. However the bigger priority was to buy a new wardrobe unit to increase our storage capabilities for clothing and to replace our slowly dying clothes rack that appears to be doing the limbo rock with itself. And as much as there's always a potential need for new furniture, we've yet to find a good deal that felt right to us or even just "cool enough".

So we headed over to SM for what we thought to be a quick trick but turned out to be a major surprise. You see, the moment we got out of the parking structure and entered the department store proper, we saw that they had a special bundled offer for a 4-piece bedroom set that seemed to be tailor made to answer a lot of our concerns. The set includes a queen-sized bed frame with a headboard with spaces for my glasses at night, mobile phones being used as alarm clocks and the random book or Kindle that accompanies us to bed. It has a wardrobe closet unit that has both hanging and shelving space. It also had a small dresser with lots of shelves for various toiletries that we use or even accessories that we have. And it comes with a little night table, which is a fun bonus but not necessarily a requirement. It's bound to show up somewhere else in the Sietch I think.

The price seemed to be in just the right place plus it was eligible for 0% interest installment payments, so that helped sell us. We still needed to buy a mattress though, so Tobie and I agreed to split the costs for now. We'll still need to get more sheets for the new bed - thus far we've only picked up a set that seemed affordable enough and yet without the use of 5 or more colors in a single pattern. The furniture pieces themselves will be delivered by tomorrow but the assembly team won't be here until Friday, which is kind of a bummer. And since SM can't give a secure delivery window for when the folks will arrive, we have no choice but to allot the entire day for both events. Ah well.

It's funny how things just seem to fall into place this way. Some might say it's just a case of impulse shopping at the mall, which is understandable. However in our case, it felt like too much of a coincidence to be totally ignored as a whole. I mean seriously, why else would a 4-piece bedroom furniture set just happen to still be available today, almost a week after the deal was supposed to have ended and to include the furniture pieces that we needed?

And life just feels that way for us. It already felt that way with Tobie and me and all the more we get signs and interesting coincidences like this now that we are blessed with having Prince in our lives. Between the three of us, life just seems that much more amazing and good things just seem to keep coming our way. And through it all, it always feels right and fair, which is not always an easy balance to maintain when the three of you have varying levels of income. Couples deal with that disparity all the time and it gets even more potentially complicated when you have three people in the mix. But we always find ways to make things work out so that we each express our love and show our participation in things in as equal a manner as possible.

And that's a very good thing indeed.