0132B: Weird Weather, Working Out and Work

It's already the summer season and most of the country is ready to go on summer trips next week given the Holy Week holidays. However today it's raining and I didn't have an umbrella on me on my way home. Fabulous. And the shift between hot and cold weather sometimes just between day and night is triggering both my asthma and Prince's. Good grief.

Today's Day Two of my new RevAbs adventure and the Fire Up Your Abs routine wasn't quite as bad. I tried taking the precaution of taking a Ventolin tablet a little before starting my workout, but it seems it wasn't enough to prevent an attack mid-way through the routine. There's a lot of literature about "exercise asthma", especially for folks as out of shape as myself. Add in the rainy weather today and I have no shortage of asthma triggers today. But at least I feel not quite as drained with today's workout - but that may have been intentional in terms of the design of the whole program. Either way I'm doing my best to stick to this program and see how far I can go.

But damn I have't sweat this much in ages. My old workouts with The Bean have nothing on this. Heck, my routines at Slimmer's World weren't this bad either. The joys of interval training I suppose.

Work today remained very busy and I'm still juggling a number of deadlines. There's a large part of my job that relies a lot on the input and feedback of others. It's the part that frustrates me the most since the ability to get to the finish line, so to speak, is out of my control. Thus any delays by others impact my own delivery timeline and it just compounds itself into a bigger and bigger issue. This is precisely why I used to take the lead in a lot of my group assignments back in school - just to make sure my grades weren't affected by others!

But beyond the work stress, which is normal for the job, today I had to feel the annoyance that can only be brought about by...STATISTICS. And this is not an uncommon thing given the popularity of things like Six Sigma in the call center industry. We're definitely one of those industries that has practical use for a lot of the mathematical concepts you learned in high school and college.

Now we use various statistical models to analyze data set and determine how the data all play nice together. We have different ways of parsing data and various types of bell curves that are nicely normal or skewed or whatever. And it's one thing to look at your data and determine what model fits your population best. And it's a completely different thing to modify your data, skew the results and manipulate the figures in order to fit a desired model. If anyone did that in the course of a scientific experiment, the results would be totally thrown out the window as fraud. You just don't do that!

But it has been done. And the implications are, well, frustrating. And annoying. And aggravating. And...WRONG!

Ah, but what can you do. Work is work and things will play out as they may. You just swallow your pride for now and hunker back down to work. But at the same time one can only go so far in such a manner, thus you can either hope for positive change (and a better understanding of statistical models) or consider keeping other options open.
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