01325: 2nd Monthsary Updates

So apparently today has been the hottest day of the year so far at 34.7°C. Thankfully I slept through the worst of it given my graveyard schedule, but this is not to say that I didn't feel the sting of the heat either. I guess that's one thing to be generally thankful for in terms of working at night - I get to practice Fremen-like discipline in terms of only really being active at night when the sun isn't around to steal my moisture. Not that I would want to wear a stillsuit though.

Apart from the weather though, today marks our second month of being happily together as a family. The "accepted" term now is ASA family - which is an acronym of our last names Abad-Sunico-Angles. It has become the evolution of what we used to call Pamilya Egg and seems an apt enough way to describe our unique relationship. I'm still trying to figure out how to document the past month of fun and happiness over at Baduy Pride, although my schedule has been rather hectic in terms of giving me time to parse out a worthy enough entry. Or maybe I just stick to overly high standards that cause me more stress than needed - but one must not compromise quality, right?

We sort of celebrated our latest anniversary with a fun batch of Jollibee Chickenjoy last night just prior to midnight. It may not seem like much, but we're the type of family that enjoys the simple things and fun indulgences like some fast food fried chicken can go a long way. And given how I feel about McDonald's these days, I'm glad that Jollibee continues to deliver great value for money in terms of their product offerings.

Ugh, that sounded way too much like MarketingSpeak or something. I've definitely been spending a bit too much time thinking about work.

For those who remain curious, just wanted to document how well Tobie and our dog Poy-Poy are getting along these days. After a moderately tense first 24 hours, the two seem to have bonded really well - thus breaking Tobie's fear of dogs in general. In fact, Tobie has pretty much become Poy-Poy's default dog trainer at home since Tobie seems determined to keep him in line and get him to follow a few rules like not entering the bedrooms even when the doors are open or even regulating where he "does his business".

I'm really happy that they're getting along, thus making our little ASA Family a lot more complete. And in the greater scheme of things I'm just glad that Tobie has gotten past his fear of dogs (at least for the most part). It doesn't mean that he's ready to run a dog kennel anytime soon, but it does give me hope for the future that we may eventually have a nice house with a big enough yard and a healthy mix of dogs as pets including some Golden Retrievers. I'm such a sucker for retrievers.

Now to get through this last work shift of the week so I can begin to relax in earnest! And I made sure to go to work earlier today in order to be able to rush home and enjoy more of the weekend with my boyfriends instead of feeling stuck at the office on a Saturday morning. It's hell on the system, I admit, given I was still at the office as of 10:00am this morning, but it's well worth the sacrifice if it means more quality time with the family.
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