01318: The Coming of Poy-Poy

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I introduce the newest member of our Sietch Family...

Hello POY-POY!
This is Poy-Poy, Prince's adorable dog of almost a year now. As much as Prince has been spending a lot of time here in Cubao with us, Poy-Poy has largely remained behind at his old place in Makati. As much as his roommates have been generous enough to help care for him on those days when Prince is away (in other words, with us), it just hasn't been the same for either Prince or Poy-Poy. But now that's different.

Bringing Poy-Poy home to live with us isn't without its fair share of complications. Tobie still ha a lingering fear of dogs in general despite more than 2 years of coaching from me. I still have asthma and fur and dander are bound to aggravate my sinuses. And Prince still has to shuffle back and forth between Cubao and Makati on a regular basis. But despite all these somewhat obstacles, bring Poy-Poy home is still an essential step forward that I'm glad Prince is ready to make. It's one thing to move some clothes over so make things more convenient from day to day. It's another thing to actually bring your dog over and have him live in a new location with your boyfriends.

New challenge - Poy-Poy Photography
I love animals - the irony of my family given we all have asthma or fur-related allergies. It's been a while since I've last had a pet (my now dearly departed Persians Smoke and Mist from my past relationship) and it's definitely a nice feeling to have a dog in the Sietch. The apartment is pretty well-circulated enough to help keep my asthma complications to a minimum and I'm pretty sure that I'll build up a decent tolerance level again in time. If I survived two Persians sleeping on my stomach as I watched TV, I can survive a Yorkie running around the house.

We immediately bought Poy-Poy a new cage that is pretty much identical to his cage in Makati to help him settle in a bit more. And just now we picked up new dog bowls for him and the ever-obligatory pet brush to indulge my grooming moments, hehe. We were supposed to get him formally groomed today but arrived too late for the cut-off. But no worries - we'll get that done first thing tomorrow.

Ah yes, all the fun of being a pet owner again - and we have Prince to thanks for this little honor. It's a different level of generosity entirely when you share your pet with someone else.

Poy-Poy checking out the LOST Blu-Ray Collection
Poy-Poy seems to be settling down here at the Sietch decently enough. Nothing has been damaged or destroyed just yet and he's still figuring out where he wants to "do his business". And yes. I've already had my first accident related to finding one of his special gifts lying around the house. I'm really glad that he's adjusting to the Sietch pretty well.

And yes Prince is really happy too. As much as he's happy in our company, it's been a gnawing pain to be away from his dog for so long. And so to have the family all here is definitely healthy for all of us and the first step in a new phase of our Sietch life.

Okay, so maybe we're not quite complete just now given Tobie is on a plane bound for Hong Kong. he's off on a company outing (yes I said company) and will be gone for the weekend. So Prince and I will be spending a lot more quality time cleaning up the Sietch, playing with Poy-Poy and of course more time at O Bar.

Yay for cheap shoes!
Just today we spent the afternoon at Farmers Plaza enjoying some Big Shot meals at Tropical Hut, walked around and splurged on items at Japan Home and American Bazaar and finally bought cheap shoes for both of us! Yay for tiangge haggling abilities - my thanks to my Mom for teaching me a few tricks of the trade. And of course we had to pass through Farmers Market to pick up some tilapia and veggies for lunch tomorrow. Although darn all the seafood is REALLY tempting to buy. I definitely foresee a dampa-style adventure in our future.

Now need to rest before tonight's O Bar run. We'll be at O Bar Ortigas as usual and will do our best to have fun even with Tobie so far away. And I'll do my best to manage my orders on my own with Tobie spoiling us both by taking care of the waiters, hehe.

We miss you B2! Mwahugs from your babies. =)