01321: Welcome the ASA Family

Prince isn't feeling too well right now - probably due to how busy we've been over the weekend given the Puerto Galera trip. Plus there are the physical demands of his poi performances from Thursday to Sunday, even right after us arriving back in Manila on Sunday. So yeah, that can be quite physically demanding for any person and today he's definitely in need of a lot more rest and recovery. And there's no better place for him to get that than here at the Sietch with his family - and yes that includes Poy-Poy of course.

Over the weekend we've christened a new term - the ASA Family, which actually is just a quick acronym of our surnames Abad-Sunico-Angeles. It also helps that in Filipino, the us of asa is pretty much synonymous with "you wish" or "tough luck trying" or something to that effect. Thus it's like someone approaching us asking to become a fourth member of our special family and we can immediately answer "Asa."

Figuring out a term to best describe what we have is quite the trick, you could say. I hate the term threesome - it just doesn't capture who we are and it comes with far too many sexual connotations that threaten to cheapen our relationship. And thus I keep going back to the term family - initially the Sietch Family in reference to the name we've given the apartment. And now it's the ASA Family, which sounds a bit more fun and definitely something that is  closer to all three of us.

This weekend bore witness to a major transition point for the three of us. While on the beach Tobie and I finally put to rest our old relationship (which was working just fine mind you - we just could never have predicted Prince entering our lives) and doing our best to start fresh anew. You'd think that we would have done this immediately after agreeing to getting together as a family, but it's not exactly something you immediately acknowledge. After all, no one enjoys ending a relationship, even if just to move on to a bigger and better one like we have. But it's still a necessary step.

And this was a very important step indeed, especially for Prince's benefit. We don't want people to think of him as a "third party" added to our former relationship. He's a true equal here and one that deserves the full admiration and respect that people give to anyone in a healthy, loving relationship. And the three of us love one another so very much.
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