01311: A Short Post From Puerto Galera

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So we're in Puerto Galera. Like really.

After all the planning and anticipation for this particular trip for Tobie, Prince and me, we're actually here. And everything is pretty cool.

The trip was rather harrowing - the type that involves a boat at full capacity, lots of foreign tourists with weak stomachs and a baby to boot. But despite the general discomfort of our seating arrangements, the lack of sleep prior to beginning this journey and all the other little things that you could claim would act as ways of potentially making this trip less fun, we're here and we couldn't be happier.

So here's the quick recap of the day so far.

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Lunch was some adobo that Prince had prepared back at the Sietch that we had brought with us. Then we had a much needed nap to catch up on lost sleep. Then we met up Tracy, Tobie's sister, who also happens to be on the island right now. Then it was dinner at Hiyas and a fire poi performance by Prince and a few others. As always, photos and videos to follow.

I could say a lot more and add in photos that we actually took, but I really don't have the time now. We'll be heading out again for more drinking and to enjoy the night in full. Hurrah!
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