01327: Sunday In The Heights

Ready for In the Heights

So today we watched In the Heights at the RCBC Plaza. It was Prince's first time to see the play while Tobie and I were more than happy to watch it again given how great the play is. my kudos again to the Atlantis Productions team for putting up a great show that seems worthy of the original Broadway production. It certainly had its own flavor given the Filipino audience, but otherwise the performance as a whole was just stellar and I was just glad the three of us got to enjoy it together.

And naturally I feel the need to re-post this song, which seems particularly applicable during times of crisis:

And yes, I totally enjoyed how Jackie Lou Blanco brought the role of Camila, Nina's mother. Fantastic.

And after our theater run, we made our way to Aling Nene's since Prince has been rather eager for us to try eating there. It took a bit of a trick to finally manage parking in the area, but then once we had gotten ourselves settled in, the results were pretty awesome:

Waiting for dinner

Beef Morcon, Lechon Paksiw and Pork Barbecue
Mandatory shot with the outside signage

So yeah, it made for a pretty fun Sunday date.

Now we're back chilling at the Sietch with Ru Paul's Drag Race playing on the TV as our sort of backgound program. Just part of the light moments that we have at the Sietch that don't seem all that interesting but in fact count for some of our most meaningful times together.

I could probably write more, but I think I'd better spend my time either playing with Poy-Poy or ironing shirts.