01323: Getting Back Into Shape?

My sister has been trying to get me and my brother to join her in her recent fitness efforts, and that includes a lot of emails with different diet plans, workout regimens and videos that she's presenting as options for us to try. She's the same person who got me to sign up for SparkPeople to help me track my food intake. And while I've lost some weight this year given my diet changes and some of Prince's influence here at the Sietch, I know that any serious weight loss will require more significant exercise than what I'm doing now - which is pretty much just a lot of walking as part of my errands.

I know that whether I end up seemingly making a fool of myself by trying out routines like RevAbs or Insanity, the point is that I need to get off my butt and do something. I tried working out with The Bean some time back, but it didn't really get me far. Plus the Bean itself is a tad unwieldy and takes up a lot of space, unless you plant on deflating and re-inflating it every time you're going to use it, which is bound to lessen your motivation to get back on that particular workout horse, so to speak.

So I'm downloading a copy of RevAbs right now since my sister said it might fit me well. Plus it requires little to no equipment, so that has to be a good thing. Prince helped me buy new shoes the other weekend, so at least I have something to work with.

Tobie's trying to lose a little weight, too. He's significantly cutting down on carbs whenever possible and the next steps will be trying to figure out when to get some actual workouts done. We have some free weights here at the Sietch that I've never really taken the time to use them, at least the option remains. Prince is already a lot better weight-wise given his regular workout through his poi performances at O Bar and other gigs, so we're just trying to meet him more or less halfway hehe.

Don't get me wrong - I don't foresee myself becoming anything close to the state of physical health that Prince is now. But I definitely would like to lose weight, reach a healthier level of physical wellness and thus extend my life a bit more. While I don't smoke and I do my best to keep my drinking to a manageable and moderate level, my weight alone puts me at risk in terms of a lot of diseases. And given how amazing my life with Tobie and Prince is, I definitely want to make sure that I stick around as long as I can in order to live a wonderful and fulfilling life with my babies.

Sounds like a good motivation to work out and lose weight, right?