0131C: Pressure Cooker Timing

As I start this entry I have our brand new pressure cooking steadily whistling for the first time. Prince has been wanting to cook kare-kare for some time now but of course was concerned about the softness of the beef when cooked. A pressure cooker had always been something that I had been interesting in buying for us but of course was nervous given our limited cooking abilities. But Prince is the better cook between the three of us and so I trust him to provide good opinions in terms of how to use such kitchen devices. And to be fair, I've grown up in households that have made use of pressure cookers all my life so it's not like it's a totally new thing.

It's just my first time to step up to the plate, hehe.

It's funny how we try to juggle meals now between the three of us. We all like to cook after all and thus it's a question of who will cook what and when. I tend to take mornings (unless we order take-out) while Prince and Tobie tend to split evenings when they arrive home from work. Weekends are sort of free-for-all, depending on who has a clear idea of what to cook.

In this regard, I've sort of become more of a short order cook for breakfast meals and quick lunches for the boys while Prince clearly has the most experience and talent for more sumptuous meals. I'm definitely learning more and more here and there and it's fun to see what each of us will come up with for the next meal. And Prince really knows how to cook a lot of more traditional Filipino dishes, which is a lot of fun. Tobie and I have a weird mix of various dishes of mixed cuisines that just demonstrates how we've learned to cook based off of internet recipes more than anything else. Not that this is a bad thing - it just means that we tend to jump from menu to menu based on what looked feasible enough for us to cook on our own, hehe.

Okay, time to kill the fire and let this pressure cooker settle down to rest. Prince will take over when he arrives home later today. Yay for teamwork!

The weather has been rather droll this week with intermittent rains making themselves felt here and there. Unfortunately the forecasts for the weekend indicate that it will continue to be cloudy with chances of thunderstorms just when we'll be at Puerto Galera. There's a good chance it'll just mean no sun for us, but it also means we'll probably have a shakier boat ride over there. Drat. Either way, I know we'll still have fun there since the three of us will be together. That's all that it really takes.

And here's our first "official" family photo with all four of us. Aww...