01326: Rainy Saturday Date

I'm running a little on empty right now, so I'll need to keep this brief so I have time for a power nap before heading out again. It's a Saturday after all and O Bar calls to us, hehe.

We just got back from watching The Hunger Games, and I have to admit it was a pretty good adaptation of the book and a pretty good movie in its own right. It did feel a tad long though  - and I say this as someone who has read the books and understands how much material they cut out.

I'll save my full review for the Geeky Guide come Monday - at least that's the plan. It really depends on how this weekend will pan out.

Earlier in the day Prince and I made a quick trip out to Makati after enjoying massive seafood lunch he had prepared. The main dish was garlic buttered shrimps and we had the leftover dory curry from yesterday to supplement things. But I digress.

Back on topic, our Makati adventure included:

Getting Prince a new zip poi set at the PlanetZips office.

Going around Cash & Carry to get random supplies.

Indulging in a little Jollibee since Prince holds that their strawberry sundaes are the best.

And we picked up some pichi-pichi at Amber's, since it seems to be the natural thing to do when in the area.

On a last note, this weather is annoying given how the sharp change to colder temperatures is triggering my asthma. What fun.