01322: Updates to Sietch Routines

My day started with quite a number of errands. I had to pick up a few ingredients at Farmer's Market, get some meds for Prince since he's still not feeling well, pick up other supplies at the supermarket, buy more food for Poy-Poy and get some bank stuff done. And I managed to get all this done the moment I set foot back in Cubao - the joys of everything being located so close to one another, especially with the MRT station as my starting point.

And I capped my morning supply run with finally getting a copy of the PS3 exclusive game Journey. The game is the brainchild of the same genius computer game company that created hit games like Flow and Flower. And the beauty of those two games was how they focused more on the experience and not necessarily a singular linear objective. Flow feels a lot like the first stage of Spore, which is still pretty good. Flower...is a lot harder to describe, but essentially you're a petal collecting other petals as you fly along wind currents. Believe me - it's a game that's a heck of a lot more beautiful when experienced instead of just being described.

And now here's Journey, and all we know about it is that you're some sort of desert nomad who is trying to reach a far-off mountain. All I know is that the game is going to be awesome and I'm glad that I found a way to get Tobie a copy without needing pay crazy rates for a PlayStation Network Card. I can't wait to try it out - but I'll definitely wait for both Tobie and Prince to be home before we first load it up. This game deserves to be experienced together by the whole family. And as much as Prince is not a hardcore gamer by any definition. I'm pretty sure that the diversity and range of games like Journey may be something he can appreciate.

It's funny how we've fallen into a rather interesting routine for life here at the Sietch between the three of us. Cooking duties are a toss-up between the three of us - we all enjoy cooking and we're learning how to better balance our grocery runs to make sure that we don't buy more food than what we can actually cook within a week. We try to hit the grocery together as much as possible but when we can't we trade shopping lists or either Prince or myself make runs to Farmer's Market on the way home to get the 1 or 2 ingredients that happen to be missing for the next recipe. This is especially true for the fresher ingredients with shorter short shelf time like vegetables and such. We all make sure that Poy-Poy gets fed on time, always has water and the less than ideal duty of making sure his little messes around the Sietch are cleaned up. And Tobie seems to take lead on actually training and disciplining Poy-Poy in a weird game where he's the bad cop and Prince and I tend to be the good cops.

There are the quirkier schedules like Monday mornings when I make sure to either wake-up early enough or just stay up after our Sunday night O Bar session to make sure that Prince leaves for work on time come Monday morning. And that duty also includes cooking a quick breakfast and making sure he has a packed lunch to bring with him - the kind of activities that inevitable make me think of myself as a mother figure of sorts - hence Nanay Mode. I also enjoy ironing shirts and making sure the laundry gets picked up and delivered on time. But washing the dishes remains a free-for-all activity that we all try to get done when the others aren't looking. Sort of funny, but nonetheless true by any account of things.

And these are just a few of the examples of how things run at the Sietch and the new routines and habits of behavior that we're forming. We still have a lot of cleaning and organizing to get done, which is a bit tricky given how much our weekends have been filled with different activities. But still we get by and we surprise one another by getting some major chore done at an unexpected moment. Last week I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom. This morning Prince cleaned the floor here in the main living / dining / kitchen area.

And Tobie continues to train Poy-Poy. Seriously. It seems almost crazy to think that just over a week ago, Tobie was deathly afraid of dogs. And now he and Poy-Poy have just bonded so well that it often brings a tear to my eye just watching the two of them together. Just another example of how pretty much anything is possible through love.