02CAD: Geeky Progress Markers

Thursday - Soup

This week alone I have unboxed and stored 19 Transformers, all of which had been purchased in 2022. This feels like a lot and I suppose that's true, but there are even more as I work my way through to last year's purchases. I had delayed because of a lack of storage options, but now that I've contrived a workable interim solution, I'm able to move forward again. And I'm pretty determined to free up another shelf in order to get the newer board games off our couch. Let's see how I get far tonight.

To balance this shift of my attention, I've been working through various BattleTech novellas as part of my reading efforts this week. It's helping satisfy this particular  itch to return to this fictional universe, although the novellas aren't the most satisfying reading. They're almost functional in the sense that they contribute to my reading count for the year. But I know that I'll still need to read a proper BattleTech novel before I return to other booklines.  

I gotta clear stuff tonight as tomorrow we'll be gaming with friends. Saturday we're double-booked with both a game night and an O Bar event. And then Sunday will be another RPG day. So I'm going to end this post here because I have to figure out which Transformers are next in my queue.