02CA2: A Literally Full Sunday

Sunday - Octopus

My last full day in Singapore was quite a literal trip as we spent the bulk of the day at Johor Bahru in Malaysia. We left bright and early for a rather full morning with the goal of getting back sometime after lunch. We made it in time for some traditional coffee while waiting for things to open up at a nice little cafe. 

Then it was off to Book Xcess, which is a rather large bookstore with a wide selection yet crazy Booksale-level prices. We all spent a fair amount of time there and I still enjoyed even if I only walked out of the store with escape room-style games. My main challenge with this store is that as beautiful as it is, walking around the 2nd level makes my knees feel weak. And it totally doesn't help that the science fiction section is along the exterior wall of that central structure and I irrationally feel like I'm going to fall all the time. That definitely tempered my ability to browse books peacefully haha

We went around some of the other shops for a while before settling down for what felt like a rather legit Korean lunch at a rather unassuming store. The good was awesome but also largely unfamiliar - like maybe they had dishes from other parts of Korea that we don't typically get from the larger Korean restaurant chains in Singapore or Manila. My favorite dish was the spicy octopus dish in the photo above but there was also this very interesting snail dish that was strangely sweet?!? And then we went for the mixed pancake platter and that had a whole host of different things beyond the typical Korean pancake we're familiar with.

This has not been a very keto-compliant trip, but I have definitely enjoyed things. But I'll have a LOT of weight to work off when I get back to Manila. Re-aligning to full keto is going to be a little rough, But that's okay, at least I can safely say I didn't waste opportunities for greater enjoyment while here. Experiences temporarily trump the need to stay in ketosis.

And of course, the rest of today was spent hanging out with the nephews. The little one has grown quite comfortable with me as uncle such that he has gotten a little demanding. The older one and I are still pretty well-bonded, even if that bond includes using me as a human jungle gym. The week has gone by so quickly though, and I know I'm going to miss the boys a lot.  

I'm flying home by noon tomorrow, so I have a sorta early day to prepare for. See you again soon, Manila.