02CA4: An Almost Mythical Game

Tuesday - Cabbage Lunch

As expected, a bunch of crowdfunded board games arrived today and the couch is looking pretty filled up indeed. Today we got copies of the latest Unfair expansion, the collector's edition of Project L, an actual physical copy of Daybreak (that we had tried playing on Board Game Arena), and the really big game was Mythwind. The other games are pretty straightforward in terms of how they work, and that's all fine. But Mythwind is pretty unique in its goals as a game.

Mythwind was described as "...a persistent-world, asymmetrical and cooperative board game where you become a pioneer in a whimsical fantasy world." on their Kickstarter page. Tobie and I have played a lot of cooperative games, but they tend to be puzzle games with a very particular progression that you need to go through or some antagonistic board state that you need to surmount. But this game is supposed to be one without that sort of conflict (mostly?) and you just work together to build the town. There is a general legacy-esque structure to the game but it also promises drop in and out play, which makes it more flexible than most legacy games. And it's things like this that got me excited. 

The game was supposed to come out in December 2022 but of course, it didn't Kickstarter board games rarely come out on time and this one had to go through a LOT of development to figure out its big idea. I didn't follow the updates too closely - I just trusted that this game would eventually get released. But I'll admit that I was rather worried that it would die the slow death of development hell. So the fact that we actually have the game and all the promised bits and bobs is an achievement in itself. 

I can't wait to try it, but as it is still a legacy-style game, it's best we assemble the party first. But once we get that ball rolling, things should get pretty interesting indeed. This game has a pretty original idea behind it and I hope it delivers on its promises one way or another.