02CB1: Updating

Monday - Pork Steak

We have been cutting our own hair since the pandemic lockdowns made going to the barber a health risk and we never got around to going back even with everything open again. At the very least, it has saved us a fair amount of money on haircuts. But I can't even say whether or not we've gotten any better at it, although our hair needs are limited. I've been maintaining a crew cut even before the pandemic, so that's simple enough. Tobie has to make do with our limited skills and he's gone through a few variations of clean sides with varying lengths of hair left on top. I feel like we need to buy a new pair of clippers soon as our pandemic unit is starting to feel less effective than it used to be. 

Work was pretty busy but at least not crazy. I had a lot of different meetings, but I think they were generally productive. I solved a few problems here and there and we're ready to move on to other things. A new workweek has begun in earnest. 

On the geekier side of things, there's a new Thunderbird 2 model coming out and it is GORGEOUS, but I know I shouldn't get it due to its lack of functionality. Master Replicas has announced that certain Eaglemoss ships are coming back in stock in March and I'm kinda tempted to get a Battlestar Galactica model for the collection. This may be our last chance to get the model from the 2004 series among other things...indulgence! We still have no way of displaying all the different Eaglemoss ships I've collected over the years...but who knows. Maybe one day. In the meantime, I'm still sorely tempted to add a few Battlestar Galactica ships to our collection to go alongside the Star Trek models and the few ships from The Expanse that managed to get released.