02CAF: Full Saturday

Saturday - Mythwind

Late blog post - too much happened across Saturday.

We stayed up late on Friday night for gaming. What started as me just wanting to try out Mythwind for a game session, which is what the game refers to as a season. But in the end, the group enjoyed our "cozy" gaming experience so much that we played a full three seasons back to back. And for a sort of legacy game with a LOT of story potential, we've just barely scratched the surface of what the team has prepared for the game. It's quite exciting as a game experience and I can't wait to dive back into for more adventures and maybe try other characters to boot.

We tried to get as much sleep as we could given other obligations for the day and mainly to steel ourselves for another full night of fun things. We have our monthly gaming meet-up with our FGTC friends followed by a big O Bar event night. I hate the fact that we'll be leaving our game night early, but we do have obligations across different social circles and I'm sure the O Bar event is not one we can miss.

Such a colorful life that we live.