02CB0: Blitz Weekend Recap

Sunday - Spots Game

We somehow survived our super busy Saturday and ended up with a pretty chill Sunday.

Our game session was pretty good but we didn't get to play was many games as hoped. We arrived as friends were already playing The Fuzzies and then we followed things up with games like Cat's Tsukiji, Spots, Cascadia with the new Landmarks expansion, and Imperial Miners. Time really does fly by very quickly when you're having fun, but we really didn't want to be too late for O Bar, so we had to leave. 

As expected, the crowd at O Bar was pretty significant given the different performances they had lined up for the night. Typically Valentine's Day hasn't been all that big of an event in previous years but they really pushed things this time around. I wish we had more of our regular friends with us, but we still had a solid table group for the night. And the show itself was pretty spectacular including some traditional folk dances and live singing performances alongside the drag stuff. 

Today we had a very hearty lunch despite a late start. We also got started on the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith series on Prime Video and I'm pretty intrigued so far. We were supposed to have an RPG session today, but it ended up being a more relaxed online hangout, which is good, too. But that means we could squeeze in another game tonight and I want to get to that right after finishing this blog post. 

So that's the weekend, for the few of you who actually read this. I have other reflections that I want to make time for...I just don't have the time for it just now. But I do take requests! Which is more of a test to see who reads these posts all the way through, haha