02CAB: Another Busy Tuesday

Tuesday - Sayote Stir-Fry

The price of a 4-day weekend is the first work day after. Today was kinda bonkers in terms of the things we had to catch up on, meetings that needed attending, and other fun bits. It was the kind of day that made it hard to keep up with my hourly step reminders and I missed at least 3 intervals for this or that reason. We made it to the end and I know the rest of the week will still be pretty stressful. But hey, the weekend was still more than worth it. 

Tonight we have some breathing space as there are one-shot RPGs scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. We've been watching Blue Eye Samurai because the show is awesome both in terms of its animation and its storytelling. We won't be able to finish the series tonight because I still want to play one of our mystery board games before bed as we won't have time for that the next few nights. I just have to get through this blog post first. 

Also, I've finished the second book in the Broken Earth series and am now taking a break with quicker BattleTech fiction. This story world will always be comfort reading for me and I seem to have built up a queue of their more recent novels. I just need to scratch this itch for a few more titles and then I'll go back and finish the big trilogy.