02CB4: Moving Steadily Forward

Thursday - Eggs and Veggies

Quick update for my ongoing credit card application with Unionbank. I weirdly got a call today from a Unionabank rep asking if I wanted to complete the card application that I had initiated via Moneymax - an affiliate site that had an additional welcome gift offer stacked on top of the No Annual Fee promo. The thing is, I did get to complete the application and even have a reference number, so it sounds like Moneymax's tracking broke somewhere. But things seem to be moving along steadily and I am just waiting for a follow-up update on whether or not my application is getting approved. If this one doesn't work out, I'll move on and try another bank for a supplementary card.

Related to this - trying to look for videos on people's experiences with different credit card providers is HARD. Most social videos are people explaining the application process or showing off that they've received their cards from the bank. The very few posts about their experiences often tend to be very specific rants about a customer service issue - still somewhat useful, but not representative of the whole.

This workweek continues to be quite the mixed bag of experiences. I'd like to think that things are still generally good. It helps to remember that work will always be just work and any sources of stress shouldn't overly affect you once you clock out for the day. I feel that a lot of times when people get burned out, it's because they're unable to maintain the professional distance everyone needs to maintain between their personal and professional lives.

Speaking of personal things, the weekend ahead promises to be pretty good. We have different game sessions scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and that should cover a good mix of things ranging from board games to tabletop RPGs. I've also settled our Repertory Philippines Season Ticket and have confirmed our first play next month. I've also gone ahead and booked us IMAX tickets to watch Dune: Part Two during the opening weekend because it's totally the sort of movie that merits the really big-screen experience. Certainly a lot of things to celebrate.