02CA8: Things to Treasure

Saturday - O Bar Table Friends

Last night's Chinese New Year celebration at O Bar was pretty awesome all around. We had great company at the table and the show itself was really good. By the time we went home, my heart was definitely full because of all the good vibes. 

I feel like every time we go to O Bar, it just reinforces how much we love everyone that help make it happen. I keep saying that O Bar is family, and it really does feel that way. We are ridiculously emotionally invested in the bar and the many performers who have graced that stage. They've been providing a second home to the local LGBT community for over 18 years now and I hope that they'll remain successful enough to continue in this mission. And so many other drag entertainment establishments opening up and more drag events being staged and organized left and right, there's a lot of competition in this space. I'm pretty sure O Bar will remain successful in one way or another, but it doesn't mean we should relax our support to any degree. If possible, I want the O Bar legacy to just go on and on for as long as possible. 

Beyond that, we had our first in-person RPG session since the start of the pandemic. It sort of came together at the last minute given we didn't have plans for today but I'm glad that we not only got to reconnect with a friend but also try a new game together! We still relied on digital sheets for the game, but we also got to enjoy physical dice at the table and music playing in the background to add to the game's mood and atmosphere. 

The only regret is that the game came to and, which leaves the rest of the evening free. And with most friends out of town for the long weekend, it seems it's just me and Tobie again left to play more games tonight. Still fun, but company would totally be welcome to.