02CB3: Weekly Turning Point

Wednesday - Mushroom Pasta

Let's keep track of this credit card bit over the next few blog posts. My Facebook query has a lot of people recommending Metrobank, which feels a little left field for me as far as recommendations go. Sure, the bank is always there, but I've never seriously considered banking with them since their over-the-counter stuff has been quite annoying over the years. But I'll give it some thought for sure. In the meantime, I've hastily filled out an application for a Unionbank card in the hopes of getting approved while this No Annual Fee for Life promo is still active. As it's only going to run until the end of February, I know that I'm cutting things really close. But hey, if it works out, then it works out. 

Aside: the Rafa of Unionbank chatbot is terrible.

Today started out pretty good as I finally did some strength training, even if it was just resistance band work. I haven't used my bands in ages and my internal struggle to find the energy to jog in the morning has resulted in this alternative. I know I have been staying away since sometimes I push too hard and pull a back muscle, which takes me out of the workout loop for at least a week every now and then. But just yoga isn't going to cut it as I'm definitely heavier this year than I was last year, and that's really bothering me. So let's hope that this is a proper start to me getting back on the horse of more serious fitness efforts. But at the same time, I just need to make sure that I don't get overeager and just injure myself again. Getting older kinda sucks in this department.

Work remains rather colorful this week, but the team is really pulling together to address things. It still feels like a lot and it probably doesn't need to. But as is often said in the business world, it is what it is. You just deal with things because it's not like you really have any other choice. 

And just like that, we're close to the weekend than the start of the week again.