02CB5: It's Friday!

Friday - Sayote Stir-fry

We made it to the end of the workweek. Huzzah!

I have no credit card updates for today. Keep your fingers crossed. I don't seriously think I won't get approved - the only gamble is whether or not I'll qualify for the annual fee waiver promotion. Do I back out of getting the card if I don't get the promotion? We'll find out, I guess.

Work has been very work-y, but at least it's time for the weekend now. Upwards and onwards - all that stuff can wait for Monday.

Super looking forward to gaming tonight. We all totally deserve it given the highs and lows of the week. While I do want to play some more Mythwind with the group, I'm sure we all want to play more than just one game as well. We'll just have to work together to figure out how to balance things.

Last random story: after work, Tobie and I were lying down before dinner and I tried asking Google Assistant what movies were showing. Apparently, this is not a command that Google can parse but I kept trying anyway. It either kept telling us the locations of the nearest movie theaters (except SM Aura for some reason) or one time it just have us a Wikipedia definition of what watching a movie is all about, which was all sorts of hilarious. 

AI is far, far away from taking over the world.