02CAE: Gaming Focused

Friday - Cabbage and Corned Beef

Work was a little colorful today, which made for an odd ending for our shorter week. It's a bit of a bummer, but we'll see how things will go come next week. 

For tonight, I'm more excited for our board game night as I've been itching to try out Mythwind. I know I keep saying how excited I am to try this game and that's not going to change until we actual dive in later. We're bound to play other games tonight, but my primary request is that we try this first. And it's going to happen! Hahaha

Tomorrow's game session will be shorter, so we'll have to stick to similarly shorter games in order to cover more ground within the limited time. That's probably a good chance log more plays for some of our more casual games in the collection. I have a number of prime candidates for this from recent Kickstarter projects getting fulfilled along with random purchases like a copy of Spots. Then we'll be off to O Bar right after.

We do have a bit of time in the day for whatever, but I may just sleep in after the game night. Otherwise, I'll always have more reading that I'll want to do or Transformers to unbox or O Bar videos to process. There's always something to do.