02CA5: Dog Barks

Wednesday - Mushroom Pasta

When I got back from Singapore I had a bad case of the sniffles that seemed to be an allergic reaction of sorts as it responded well to allergy medication. I had no signs of fever - just annoyance that my nose was leaking a lot. That has sort of progressed to manifesting a cough, which is super annoying as it's quite dry. For those who were keeping track, I had also been coughing right before my Singapore trip and I had to deal with it in the first few days that I was there but there it cleared up pretty quickly. The current cough feels similar to that but I've been coughing more today than before, so maybe it's different. But it is not making things fun by any means. 

But I have a long weekend to look forward to, so that's something. We have one O Bar night planned, but beyond that we'll just be home so I hope that helps with my recovery. I'm taking my usual mix of medications and that's helping the worst of the coughing under control. I also didn't have any coffee today, which probably hasn't helped with my general mood but those are the kicks.

Today was quite physically taxing to get through but I still survived a good number of meetings including a lengthy interview despite all this. I hope things go better tomorrow.