02CAA: Holiday Activities

Monday - SM Aura CNY Display

My extra Monday off from work was pretty good even if Tobie still had to work. I got to be a little lazy in the morning but I still got out of bed to do some yoga. Then it was time for me to go to my foot spa appointment and that was pretty good except for the building's elevator being down so I had a bonus leg day stair exercise. And then I didn't have to invest too much time into preparing lunch since we still had a lot of pork sinigang from last week. And Tobie and I got to enjoy the documentary mini-series A Nation of Banchan over lunch, and now we REALLY want to map out some sort of a Korean food tour.

I had plans to address some of the storage concerns at the Sietch today and I think I got that ball rolling? My initial idea had been to just use one the larger boxes that I've been using the old the still-boxed Transformers and use that as storage, but during my foot spa I sort of came up with a relatively better option. There was one large box on a bottom shelf that was holding some of my Star Trek Online Starships Collection models. I figured these would look a bit better out of the box than inside and these particular ships are of a uniform size and thus would stack quite nicely. I had just enough space to set them out and still leave some shelf space as a small bedside table-ish ledge. And now the box that used to contain the boxed model ships is going to be a home for Transformers as I get them released from their cardboard prisons. The first batch of figures had been gathering dust where the Star Trek ships are now, so it was a good trade. I just need to find time to get the rest of them into that box as well and that should give us at least another full shelf for more of our board games.

In other news, we used today's grocery run as an early Valentine's date of sorts. Plus today is also NetRunner Night, which is a personal date of celebration for us that may be a bit more important than Valentine's Day. Plus we hate going out during peak retail holidays like that, so this was a good choice overall. So instead of our usual food court dinner, we enjoyed a sit-down Japanese buffet at Ogetsu Hime and that felt like more of a celebratory meal. 

The week is going to continue to be busy, especially given there are several online RPG sessions scheduled as well. And I intend to find as much free time to either unbox transformers and process more O Bar videos but still have time to play games with Tobie. The plates must spin!