02CA9: More Game Organization Plans

Sunday - Folded Space Carcasonne Insert

So part of my plans for this long weekend were to whittle away a bit more at our storage challenges at the Sietch. And that got me back to thinking about custom game inserts that help to organize expansion game content into the main box or at least fewer boxes. This won't just reduce the amount of space that a game and its expansions takes up in our collection, but I think it'll help increase playability as it is no longer overly inconvenient to bring a particular game out to play. And this blog post marks the beginning of my next chunk of game organization efforts after the last blitz in November.

For future plans, I'm eyeing to get the Folded Space organizers for Cascadia, which will organize the base game and the Landmarks expansion in one box, and Lost Ruins of Arnak - the new version that will condense the base game, the Expedition Leaders expansion and the new Missing Expedition campaign expansion mainly into the main box with the campaign content still in the smaller expansion box. I've already crammed all of Cascadia into one box, so the organizer is just the cherry on top. But I've been waiting for the Arnak one for some time as the new expansion really tips things over the scale in terms of what can fit into the base box.

Going outside of Folded space, I've also ordered the TowerRex organizer for Root, and this promises to help us wrangle all the game content from the base game, the 3 large box expansions, the 2 clockwork expansions, and all the little expansions that have been released to-date into maybe 2 of the main boxes! As much as I love this game, it is terribly difficult to get it to the table and I have very high hopes for this organization effort. Plus Tower Rex makes some very beautiful/aesthetic inserts and we have some direct experience with their work given a friend gifted us their indulgent insert for Takenoko. These inserts are more expensive than the Folded Space stuff, but I think this is okay for this game line. Let's just hope that Leder Games won't come up with more Root content that'll ruin all this. I'm only taking the plunge now since things seem pretty stable for this game line.

Things capped off today with the acquisition of the Folded Space insert for Carcassonne, which GeekBox happened to have in stock. I let my impatience get the best of me and had the insert shipped over during our online Pendragon RPG session and put it together in between my turns. This tiny insert has allowed us to condense the content from the base game, expansions 1-10 (except 7 because no one needs The Catapault, and even the two River expansions into just the base game box and one of the standard expansion boxes. I wasn't sure how this was going to work, but it totally did and I'm so impressed with the result. We retained one more box to contain all of the promo content we've collected over the years (plus to preserve some of the classic boxes) and we're also holding onto the box of The Tower expansion to hold the custom tower-shaped dispenser that came with that set. That's still a massive reduction in used-up space that has allowed me to reduce some of the games living on our couch.

I still don't have work tomorrow and after my foot spa appointment, I plan on unboxing some Transformers in order to free up even more space and hopefully get more of the games off of the couch. Challenge accepted!