02CA7: One-on-One Geekery

Friday - Sariwon

Tobie and I played a fun mix of different games last night, which is precisely what we hoped to do. There are particular games that I really enjoy tackling with Tobie and a regular example of that is Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, which just never runs out of iterations of stories to adapt into cards. The collection is large enough that it is physically difficult to move it around for game nights outside the Sietch, which just makes it even more of a game that I focus on with Tobie. 

The other thing we do is try to learn different newer games that have been sitting idly by at the Sietch. This led to us learning a whole slew of smaller games including FORK, Cats Tsukiji, Shop Until You Drop, and The Secret Flower with the bulk of those games being from Asia. They're generally quite fun in different ways with hidden depths within their small boxes. And now we're in a better position to teach them to other people on coming game nights.  

My other bit of enjoyment is my current efforts to read the Jed MacKay run of Moon Knight. I've grown to love the character because of the great work invested by the likes of Bendis, Lemire, and Ellis and this latest iteration nicely builds on the legacy of their work. I've been blitzing through the whole thing given how much I'm enjoying things and this is definitely a highlight of the long weekend. I still need to get back to the full-length novels I'm tackling, but I think I'll be able to finish this first. 

Well, we have to steel ourself for O Bar later tonight then a full day of gaming tomorrow. Good times.