02CA6: Longer Weekend

Thursday - Pork Sinigang

While the morning was a little rough, my coughing has settled down as of tonight, for which I am grateful. I'm still taking medication to manage the symptoms as I still feel a bit congested and there's a whistle with my breathing, but beyond that, I'm better today than yesterday. And that's pretty good news as it's a long weekend ahead - a slightly longer one for me since I also have Monday off. 

In terms of official plans, we have an O Bar night scheduled for tomorrow, which is bound to be fun. We are having a friend over on Saturday for a mixed RPG and board game night. And we still have our scheduled Pendragon RPG session on Sunday. For the rest of the free time (like tonight), Tobie and I will try to play some of the new games that have arrived at the Sietch in recent weeks in preparation for teaching these same games to other gaming friends. It's hard work, but someone has to do it. 

I do hope to use the "extra" day off to unbox some of my Transformers and free up a shelf or two for some of these board games. The couch is starting to get more than a little cramped and something's gotta give. Let's see how I manage my time over the next few days.

But yeah, it should be a pretty fun weekend all around. I hope everyone has a good time as well.