02CB8: Two Mundane Stories

Monday - Spinach Side Dish

No updates on the Unionbank credit card today. Fingers crossed for now.

Amid everything else today, I managed to put in a few stock orders to round out my portfolio a bit more. I had previously had a good number of MPI shares that had grown in value until they decided to take the stock private. That left me with a fair amount of cash in my COL Financial account and I definitely wanted to re-invest it somewhere. I had moved part of the funds into COL's new mutual fund just to test it out ( no exciting results just yet), but for the rest, I wasn't too sure. I kept missing the window for active trading, but I did use the time to freshen up on my research. As I only do value investing, I ended up getting shares of companies like Ayala Corporation and SM Investment Company to replace the role MPI played in my portfolio. Then I further invested in Unionbank more as a vote of confidence in the bank than the actual performance of the stock. I haven't made any money off of UBP just yet, but I'd like to believe things will get better in time. I still have some loose funds left in the account, but it looks like I'll need to wait for sufficient dividends to hit the minimum board lot size for another stock purchase.

My only other story for today involves...buying underwear. I had been meaning to try Airism underwear after family members had shared how comfortable the material is to wear and all that. Today we finally made the trek to the store before today's grocery run. But they turned out to be a bit more expensive than I'm willing to pay for underwear...so we ended up back at Bench going through the bargain bin and getting two pairs there for the price of one Uniqlo pair. And I'm good with that trade-off for now - especially since Airism is actually predominantly nylon and I feel a little weird about that. 

Let's face it - any savings on clothes means more money for geekier things like board games. And that's where our priorities lie for now.

I'm trying to think of interesting plans for the weekend, but I'm drawing a bit of a blank. We have a game night on Friday, so that's good. But Saturday and Sunday are pretty open beyond us watching Dune: Part Two on Saturday followed by the play Betrayal on Sunday. But as far as our weekends go, it does feel a little gaming-light. Let's see what we eventually come up with.