02CAC: Hearts Wednesday

Wednesday - Roast Chicken

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! And weirdly enough, it is also Ash Wednesday, for those who practice Lent and all that. What a weird juxtaposition of events on the same day.

Over dinner, Tobie and I were watching the red lights of traffic in front of SM Aura, as we have a clear view of the mall from our living room window. That was our biggest reminder that going out today would have been kinda bonkers and it's good that we stayed home. The condo even had some sort of Valentine's Day even going on downstairs and we still didn't bother to leave the Sietch. After all, we had already enjoyed a good meal last Monday. If anything, our other big date night will probably be the O Bar's Valentine's Day event on Saturday. I know that show is going to be SO GOOD.

Had a weird bit of panic earlier today when I couldn't remember where I had stashed our copy of Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig. We haven't even played the game since the Kickstarter delivery arrived and I had only thought about it again since there's a proper Watch It Played video up already. That led to a bit of a scramble as I started to check high and low around the Sietch for where I might have stored it. My recent organization efforts have resulted in mini-Tetris moments where and there has I keep trying to make the most of any available space. This results in what feel like rather inspired shelving based on box sizes and whatnot but not necessarily factoring in how intuitively things have been put away. I did eventually figure out where I had put it so it's not like it was lost or stolen. But I really need to figure out how to keep better tabs on things, especially as I continue to move things around.

Case in point, I'm going to unbox more Transformers tonight in order to free up more shelf space for board games. Such fun!