02CB6: Friday Game Breakdown


Saturday - TowerRex Root Organizer

So we didn't get to play Mythwind last night, which was a bit of a bunmer. But given how last week's game session was totally consumed by our first exploration of that game, so I suppose going for other games this time was only fair.

Our game roster for the night was pretty diverse. First up was the dice placement game Spots, which is just super adorable. I only wish it supported a higher player count than just 4. I had first tried this game on Board Game Arena and had rather enjoyed it but only really felt pressured to get a copy for our collection when I needed to hit the minimum for free shipping on Amazon. I have no regrets now as there's so much more to the game than just the base tricks. Then things got a bit more serious with Wyrmspan, the sort of spiritual successor to Wingspan. Friends generally like some of the changes to the game mechanics coming from Wingspan but there are a lot of concerns when it comes to some of the design decisions made for the game. There are definitely things I like about this game and I don't quite regret having a copy - but I say this as someone who never bothered to get our own copy of Wingspan.

Then the rest of the night was invested in learning new games with the group. Our first new game was Forbidden Jungle, the latest in the line of Forbidden cooperative games by Matt Leacock. It's definitely challenging in ways that are both similar to previous games in the series but also very different. We survived that experience (albeit on novice difficulty) and now we have a weird idea of treating the series like a sort of legacy game where we pick a character color and use whichever role that matches as we play through all the games in the series thus far.

At this point, we were down to 3 players and that sort of shifted our game options. But we stuck to new games and for to try the Pokémon edition of Splendor, which has only been released in Korea. It's still Splendor but it's also very different because they added a bonus evolution mechanic on top of things that totally makes sense. Finally our last (new) game for the night was Small Samurai Empires, which is something that I had backed on Kickstarter some time ago. I wasn't sure if I'd like the game all that much since it's mainly an area control game, but it has a unique action programming mechanic that really intrigued me plus it has wooden samurai tokens. Thankfully, it's actually a pretty good game that I think I'll enjoy playing more on the future even though I don't think I'll be very good at it, especially when facing the likes of Tobie.

For this afternoon, I had some time to kill while Tobie caught up on sleep. Thankfully, the TowerRex organizer for Root arrived this afternoon and that gave me a lot to work on. Our Root collection consists of more than 10 boxes of expansions and other game content. But we managed to condense everything down to 3 boxes (although the insert instructions said it would only need two boxes) and I'm really happy with the results. The organizer in itself is really pretty and certainly ups the aesthetic factor of the game. But it also makes it easier to bring around and potentially easier to get to the table more, which is what is more important at this point. And I really want to play more Root.