02CA3: Back to Domestic Challenges

Monday - Changi Airport

I'm back home in Manila and the weather is a bit cooler than in Singapore and yet warmer than when I left. My asthma seems to be behaving for now, so that's a good sign that things will be better. It's nice to be home.

The journey home wasn't particularly eventful. I indulged in some Singaporean goodies before boarding the plane. I finally watched Memento and properly finished God of Gamblers since I had fallen asleep watching it during my flight to Singapore. I had all that and a bit of reading done as the in-flight WiFi wasn't working for some reason. And beyond a bit of turbulence, it was still a comfortable flight. There were no major incidents at NAIA and I got through immigration pretty quickly. I had to wait a bit for my bag, but it did eventually show up and I didn't lose a wheel this time. And then I got out of the airport in time such that Tobie didn't need to make another circuit to pick me up. 

As I have brought home more board games and we have the results of several Kickstarters due to arrive this week, Tobie and I have been talking a lot about the storage situation at the Sietch. We're definitely approaching critical mass in terms of all the geeky things we need to accommodate and decisions need to be made. And while one solution is me reorganizing my Transformers to free up more space (primarily through unboxing them), the other is to resell or otherwise rehome games that haven't been seeing as much play. One unique category of games that we literally can't play a lot are our escape room games, which make up a significant portion of our collection. Heck, most of the games I brought home from this trip are all one-time-play games of that nature. 

The pain point here is that collecting games is a separate hobby from playing games and both can be quite emotionally charged. And it's a little hard to let go of games, even those that we theoretically can't play again. But it's the smart thing to do to help them find new homes and new players who haven't experienced their puzzles and their stories. Games are meant to be played after all, right?

Stay tuned for however we end up decongesting the Sietch a bit. It's nice to be home.