02CA1: Saturday Commuting

Saturday - Mixed Dinner

I've clocked almost 20,000 steps today because I did some actual commuting beyond the immediate River Valley area! And as much as I've sorta complained/observed that I rarely leave this immediate area during my Singapore trips, I really made up for it today and I'm pretty tired.

My morning started with an early jaunt to Farrer Park to pick up an Origame board game order as standard shipping would have taken too long and I wouldn't have been able to bring the games home during my flight on Monday. Despite the meet-up point being an MRT station, I had determined via Google Maps that there was actually a direct bus I could take with about the same travel time. I would have been perfectly on time had I not panicked about whether or not I had enough load left on my EZ Link card. I tried a third-party app to scan the card and it said I had zero credits, so I took a detour to the MRT station only to confirm that I actually had over $11, which is more than enough for a few trips. But I'm glad that I still made the journey because I got to meet Daryl Chow himself - the man behind so many of these distinctly Singaporean games that I have come to love.

I got to stay home for the afternoon and mainly hung out with the boys. I did step out again for a quick errand at Great World and the big challenge for this excursion was that my younger nephew decided to come along. I realize this was my first time crossing the street with him while holding his hand as opposed to having him safely in a stroller and it was a little nerve-wracking. But we actually had a pretty good time even though walking with a small child is a weird physical challenge in itself. But it was a lot of fun since the little one was just super chatty the whole time while remaining determined to walk as much as he could as opposed to just having me carry him.

Then finally, I had made plans to meet up with a Singapore-based friend for dinner and it was a bit of a struggle to leave. I don't typically step out multiple times in a day, what more with the afternoon rains really discouraging me. I didn't have too much of an excuse since the bus stop is literally right downstairs and the meet-up point didn't even require the personalized routing of like a Grab Card ride or something. So in the end, I still went and we had a good time catching up and then walking around Orchard. Good friends are working making the effort for, of course. Plus huzzah for days with lots of steps.

So that was most of my day with other bits and bobs in between. We have an early start tomorrow, so I can't stay up too late, but at least we're squeezing in some non-work experiences as part of this trip before I need to fly back to Manila on Monday.