02BDC: Inevitably Busy Saturday

We Will Rock You Saturday

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 980

After blogging about our lack of in-person activities this weekend, it was only then that I glanced at my calendar and realized that we weren't just scheduled for an online board game night today, but we also had a play to watch! We had purchased tickets for the touring production of the Queen jukebox musical We Will Rock You. As much as I love a lot of Queen's music (long story), I was initially on the fence about this production until checking with some friends who had watched it and stated they had enjoyed it. I knew it was coming up, but for one reason or another, it had slipped my mind as to being this weekend.

Given that, we didn't stay up too late playing board games with a friend who had dropped by but at least got to play Rococo Deluxe, Paper Dungeons, and Hawker Wars. Apart from the games, we had also introduced him to the amazing Doctor Who episode Blink, while, he in turn, introduced us to The Goes Wrong Show

We got to Circuit well before show time and even had time for some coffee to help us shake off the cobwebs given we hadn't quite slept all that early. We got to the theater with enough time for photos at the different photo walls and were happily moved to the center section despite our seats being off to the side of the Loge. We probably could have moved closer to the center, but we didn't get greedy and just stayed by the aisle.

The show itself was...just okay? Queen songs are fun and you can't help but sing along and I see how the team had tried to weave the different songs together into a more-or-less coherent future dystopian narrative. But Tobie and I both felt that the show could have pushed more to...make more sense? Sure it's meant to be campy and fun, but there were just a lot of weird bits left in plus the cast didn't feel like they were at 100% despite it being their final weekend in the Philippines.

After the show, we had a little time and finally found somewhere to eat at Circuit. We had nearly ended up at the expensive steak place but instead ate at Samgyupsalamat for the very first time. Despite how often we go for Korean barbeque, we've never eaten at this particular restaurant. It was pretty fun as far as buffets go, but given how much we spent versus how much we eat (including how Tobie had to eat all the rice given to us plus the bonus bowl of noodles), we're still a bit better off eating at Sariwon for a similar spend but maybe higher quality meat (albeit not unlimited), more keto-friendly sides plus better service. It's funny how these things all balance out.

For the rest of tonight, we'll be playing board games online with friends. We'd normally meet up in person these days barring anyone feeling sick, but this weekend not everyone is in the country, so we opted to shift to online play instead. That's one weird benefit of the pandemic - we've adapted to ensure we still have ways of geeking out remotely during lockdown-style situations.

Our Sunday is wide open at this point apart from a grocery run or something. We'll see how things actually go in case we think of anything else to do or manage to drag someone else over for in-person gaming maybe. But the weekend thus far has still been pretty good.