02BD8: Current TV Choices

Tuesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 976

We took a bit of a break from K-Dramas while in Singapore and just focused on watching Disney+ content while were there. But now that we're back in Manila, we're back to our old habit of one K-Drama episode per day during dinner. 

Our current show is Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which is a series about an autistic protagonist who had still managed to finish law school and was now starting as a lawyer with a reputable law firm. But of course, she's not the easiest person to work with given her special needs, but she also demonstrates an amazing knowledge of the law and a propensity to come up with very clever legal strategies. It's a charming show with a lot of very talented actors involved who have some great material to work with. 

I know our exploration of K-Dramas has largely been limited to the more popular shows, but at the very least it does seem that these shows also resonate with us and so we've yet to sit through one we didn't like on some level. It helps that family and friends have guided us on this journey so we're not exactly navigating this creative world blindly. 

Apart from Andor and maybe Star Trek Prodigy, this drama has become one of the main shows we're mostly waiting for every week. We haven't even finished House of the Dragon at this point, although we'll get there eventually. It's just a weird lull in Western entertainment maybe. 

Then Disney+ is going live in the Philippines in a few days and that'll change the content mix. And with the news that Drag Den is going to be an Amazon Prime Video show, we may end up reactivating that service as well just to support the queens that we know who joined that particular competition.

I realized late that I had initially mapped out writing about paid online services, but maybe I'll remember to write about that tomorrow.