02BCB: Working Wednesday

Wednesday Dogs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 963

Today was a regular working day, so we didn't have the luxury to go around much. We didn't eat anything particularly notable or novel as we just stuck to items of convenience within the area. But at the very least, I've had some interesting family moments.

It's always tricky with my nephews since I'm not exactly a regular presence in their lives and every time I visit it feels like I've lost some of my previous progress. And while my younger nephew is still re-learning who am I, my older nephew's memories are vivid enough for him to have formed a clearer idea of who I am. We're trying to get him used to calling me uncle, but it comes out funny and I don't know if it'll stick. But I don't really care as he's pretty quick now to just involve me in whatever conversation is running in his head whenever I see him or he's just as likely to take my hand and encourage me to go run around with him. 

I'm a big sucker for these boys, there's no doubting that. I'll do just about anything for them and it's getting even more exciting as they learn to speak and express themselves better. This includes a small child calling you "scratchy" because of your facial hair or to called to run because monsters and ghosts are chasing us. And as someone who was once a kid who also felt the need to run laps in-between bites of breakfast, of course, I'm going to try to keep up with these little boys as long as they need me to.

The other fun bit today was walking the dogs after work. They're getting older and are a bit easier to manage, provided you have a strong arm that can rein them in when they get particularly distracted by other dogs and related points of interest. Tobie hasn't walked a dog in a while and it's rare that we've gotten to do this together, what more with two big dogs like what my sister's family has here. We took him around the area where I'd jog along the river and provided both with a rather healthy amount of exercise for the night. We'll try to repeat this tomorrow as a bit of physical activity.

That's enough for the day. We have another early day tomorrow.